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Hemp » History

Hemp is an annual plant coming from Central Asia. The first hemp cultivation was carried out in China around 5 000 years ago and from there its cultivation as a weaving raw material spreads all over the world.

Hemp cultivation is a small margin in agricultural production in Poland and in the world, but steadly increasing. Forecasts for the coming years are optimistic. This is mainly  due to rising needs for products that origin of which is the plant: fibre, shives, seeds and oil.

Poland has long tradition of cultivation and processing of hemp. Reserch on cultivation, fibre production, processing technology and use of raw material has already been carried out in the interwar period. In the 60’s the cultivation area in Poland reached around 30 000 ha. In the next years problems with salling and decrease of cost effectiveness caused that farmers were gradually abandoning this crop. In 2012 the hemp cultivation is around 500 ha .

Cultivated varieties of hemp in Poland developed by the Institute of Natural Fibres and Medical Plants (inter alia Białobrzeskie, Beniko, Silesia, Tygra) contain less than 0,2% of hallucinogenic substance THC and their cropping does not cause any narcotic threat according to the Polish low against drug addiction of 29 July 2005 ( Dz. U. No 179, item 1485)