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Flax » Properties and applicatios

Linen fabrics are appreciated by designers nad users for their smothness, silky shine, durability, comfort of use, easily recognizable specific look that reminds their „rural” and close to nature origin.

Flax in 90% is used for textile purposes, inluding:

Flax is also used in all ranges of clothing including sportswear.

Institute of Natural Fibres and Medical Plants in Poznań since several years has been researching the hygienic properties, comfort of utility clothing and identification of phenomena resulting from the impact of clothing on human psychiological parameters.

The results of researches confirmed that flax and hemp clothing:

Hygroscopic fiber is one of the most important functional characteristics of the fibers, particularly in relation to clothing and bedding.

Flax like every natural fibre is characterized by high moisture absorption.

Flax fibre contains of lignin which are prefect natural UV radiation absorber.