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Hemp » Properties and applicatios

Since centuries hemp fibre was used for the production of unique durable and strong products such as sailcloth, ropes, threads, tarpaulins and bags.

Special resistance for rot makes hemp particularly useful for the production of materials exposed to biological degradation under conditions of high humiditty like: the fire hoses, fishing nets, surgical thread.

Hemp applications:

Hemp cellulose is particularlu useful for the production of photosensitive paper, thin high quality paper, cigarette papers, banknotes, securities, cartographics.

Technical use of hemp invloves using them for the production of composite materia for the car industry (elements of car interiors) and for the building industry (an insulation and construction materials).

The straw, shives and briquettes made from them are valuable energy resources and can be used as the source of bioenergy or secon generation biofuel.

The hemp seeds are highly valuable for the production of healfy food: colled-pressed oil, breakfast cereals, bread, candies, cookies, noodles, beer and food for birds.